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When we go out into the world naked and alone, and without God's hand to guide us, we wander far from the path he created for us that leads to success, happiness and fulfillment.
There is a unique path created for you that will place you in beat and in rhythm with God. This path, that only God knows for your life will guide you to a life of fulfillment, purpose, abundance, love and greatness.
But do you struggle with finding the path, or catching the rhythm? Do you sometimes feel as if you've lost God's beat, his direction, or even his voice? Well you have come to the right place.
Here you'll find ways to help you, no matter where you are on your journey.
Upbeat with God is a weekly show where I encourage you on your path to greatness. I offer tips to help you catch God's rhythm so you can vibrate at a higher frequency and live your life of love and abundance.

Aug 24, 2021

You are going somewhere.  The experiences in life are part of the journey.  However, sometimes our experiences can stop us from moving, they will stop us from climbing or going forward.  Embrace the experience and keep climbing.  Trust that you are not climbing alone.  Don’t let go of God’s hand as he takes you higher.  No matter what happens, keep climbing, keep reaching until you reach your destination.